Group Counseling As A Communication Strategy In Build Self-Discipline And Self-Efficacy For PLWHA

Agung Kesna Mahatmaharti


The increasing of HIV-AIDS infection became one of the serious public health problem in Indonesia today. Some
methods are aim to look for a way out to suppress the preventive and curative either individually or in groups. Group counseling is communication strategy conducted to raise awareness of people living with HIV-AIDS (PLWHA)
that aims to build self-discipline and Self-Efficacy. In addition, Self-Discipline and Self-Efficacy needs in internalization in
several studies a positive impact on a person's behavior. In this case, counseling techniques can be used as means of
communication in building Self-Discipline and Self-Efficacy in behavior and perception in people living with HIV-AIDS
(PLWHA). The expectation with the counseling aimed at building Self-Discipline and Self-Efficacy in HIV-positive people,
they have self-control become more powerful, so it can reduce the spread of of HIV-AIDS infection.

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