Exsperimental Physic-Chemical Modification on Sorghum Flour as Substitute Wheat Flour

Azafilmi Hakiim, Faresti Sistihapsari, Dessy Agustina Sari


hysic-chemical modification on sorghum flour through the process of HMT and acetylated reaction. The research’s aim is to learn the influence of reaction time and temperature with addtional of material to swelling power and % solubility of sorghum in order to get modified with characteristics similiar to wheat. The result of this study shows that the swelling power and % solubility, when the reaction time and temperature initial increased. The swelling power and solubility characteristics of near-modified sorghum flour obtained at a temperature 1000C, over 14 hours in the HMT and
the temperature 800C, concentration of 15%V acetic acid in acetylated process.

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