The Influence of Learning Process Effectiveness on Expertise Quality Improvement In Educational Institutions of Pontianak

Santy Mayda Batubara


The purposes of this research are to figure out the influence of learning process effectiveness on expertise quality
improvement in educational institutions of Pontianak and to evaluate students’ expertise quality Improvement on Human
Resource Management through integrated learning that they eventually meet the prominent job requirements, are able to
complete the learning process on time, have employment competitiveness, and are creative to create new job opportunities.
The method of this research uses a descriptive-qualitative technique of analysis which consists of multiple regression and
hypothetic testing, including four independent variable, such as Learning Process Planning (X1), Learning Implementation (X2),
Learning Evaluation (X3), and Learning Process Supervision (X4) anddependent variable of Expertise Quality (Y). Data are
collected using is survey technique as primary and secondary data. The research samples are 322 students (the samples are
collected usingslovin formula with e = 10% and a random sampling technique). The research result shows learning process
effectiveness has a close relationship with management expertise quality improvement on Human Resource Management
Competence, with a total value of 0.649 (based on the correlative coefficient value); while simultaneously showing that there
is a positive and significant influence, with the value of 25.72 and significant level of 0.045; and partially has only a positive and
significant influence on indicators of learning process planning with the value of 2.085 > 1.667 and significant level of 0.039 <
0.05, while that of learning implementation with the value of 1.884 > 1.667 and significant level of 0.047 < 0.05.

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