The Use Of Edmodo In Learning Indonesian In SMA Fatahillah Tangerang

Nini Ibrahim, Deasy Wahyu Hidayati


The use of Edmodo in learning Indonesian language in high school Fatahillah Tangerang, attracts the attention
of the author to conduct research on the issue. In particular, this study aims to find out how to use Edmodo in learning
Indonesian language in high school Fatahillah Tangerang. This study uses qualitative descriptive method performed on
high school students Fatahillah Tangerang. Based on the findings that the Indonesian language learning by using elearning (Edmodo) teachers to easily incorporate the entire program of learning such as learning materials, assignments
and assessment mainly student activity automatically. In addition, the views of learners (students) are more interested in
learning to use e-learning than conventional. Students are more independent, active, interactive, and responsible for
learning activities. Students also get easily learning materials and programs for further learning. In addition, the intensity
of the meeting of teachers and students are not deterred their time limits and distance. Ease of use of e-learning
applications (Edmodo) assist students in understanding the range of learning, especially in learning Indonesian. In the
circumstances, the use Edmodo not always go well, the authors found obstacles in the form of the Internet, not all
students have a laptop / computer, hampered the process of uploading the results of the students' work. This, impact on
the learning process is ongoing. Based on the results, it can be concluded that the use of Edmodo in learning Indonesian
can be performed well. However, the use of Edmodo this should be under the supervision of a teacher so that students do
not come out of the corridors of learning Indonesian.

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