Improved Intelligence Kinesthetic Children Ages 5-6 Years through Activities of Motion And Song

Elindra Yetti, Herviana Muanivah


The purpose of this study to describe the process and outcomes of learning through movement activities and traditional songs that can enhance kinesthetic intelligence early childhood. Subjects numbered 15 children. The research method using action research, using the stage from planning, action, observation, and reflection. This study consisted of two cycles, the first cycle consists of 8 meetings and the second cycle consists of 6 meetings. The data analysis technique is qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Qualitative data analysis with measures of data reduction, data presentation, and data verification. Quantitative data analysis with descriptive statistics. The results showed an increase kinesthetic intelligence of children through movement activities and traditional songs can be evidenced by the average score on the prekinesthetic intelligence 23.00 cycle, the first cycle of the second cycle of 31.06 and 37.80.

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