The Appliance of Gender Analysis Model Sara H. Longwee Study on The Problem of Female Lecturer in Functional Position in High Education

Widyatmike Gede


The focus of research is concerned with the study of the issue of female lecturer position in the highest
functional post, it focused on the factors that influence the position of women in college. Data collection techniques used
in this research is purposive sampling with the snowball method. The results showed there were three categories of
female lecturers: (a) Type of female lecturers with all the problems of women who have the achievements of female
lecturers in the Tri Dharma College smoothly so that the position of highest functional office as a professor is reached, (b)
Type of female lecturers with the issue of female lecturers managed to finish S3 with functional post Lector head, (c)
and S3 yet, but already in the position of the head Lector. Classification of the top three categories of female lecturers
cannot be separated from the issue of women that could hamper the achievement of fully functional in the office. The
elements that hinder women's careers lecturers include internal and external factors. Internal factors that hinder women's
careers lecturer in functional positions were low aspirations and motivation of female teachers so that female teacher
tends to quickly satisfied with the condition that has been achieved today and bustle of teaching which led not have time
to do research and community service. External factors are a) employment regulations governing promotion
requirements, making it difficult to meet the requirements of the promotion, b) environmental work, and c) culture.

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