The Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning with Structural Make a Match on Academic Achievement and Social Behavior: a case study at SMKN 33 Jakarta

Rina Febriana, Vika Wulan Aristya, Cucu Cahyana


this research aims to establish the effectiveness of the application for the Cooperative learning model of
Learning (CL) with Structural Make A Match techniques on the academic and social behavior of student learning.
This research uses a quasi-experiment method by performing the treatment on group students. The research design
used was a pretest-posttest control group design. Data collection is done using posttest and question form. Data
analysis for student learning outcomes used Mann- Whitney-test, while an analysis of the friendly behavior of students
used descriptive analysis. The results of this research indicate that: 1) the learning outcomes of students in the class
who applied the model CL technique Structural Make A March had. Average score increased (delta pre-test and posttest) 7.80, while the class is applied to the method conventional 4.75. Students who stated that the learning model CL technique Structural Make A Match could improve communal behaviors of students at 79,2%, students who are still hesitant with this learning model as much as 11,6% and 9,2% of students stated that this learning model cannot increase
significantly the social behavior of students. The implication of the application of this model is the improved aspects
of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor students.

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